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There was no action she could take against the men of undefined thought, of unnamed motives, of unstated purposes, of unspecified morality. There was nothing she could say to them--nothing would be heard or answered. What were the weapons, she thought, in a realm where reason was not a weapon any longer? | P1C10
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Monday, November 28, 2011

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iPad-using Thanksgiving Day shoppers purchased items nearly twice as much as people using mobile devices, according to data from IBM. On average, iPad conversion rates hit 4.6% compared with 2.8% for other mobile devices. On Black Friday, visits from iPads increased 124% vs 2010,
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I think I can do it, I know I can. If I know I can, then I will.
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Daily Posterous Spaces Update

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Your Daily Posterous Spaces Update November 26th, 2011

Michigan Cadillac Dealers Have Their Eyes on Los Angeles

Posted about 15 hours ago by MI Auto Times to MI Auto Times

The Los Angeles Auto Show is in its second day of being open to the press, and Michigan Cadillac dealers may want to know more about the newest Cadillac sedan, the XTS.
LOS ANGELES - Michigan Cadillac dealers are working their hardest to make as many sales as possible, finishing the year off strong. But many of them may be looking to the West Coast to see the latest product that will arrive at their dealerships.
The Los Angeles Auto Show is the beginning of the North American auto show circuit and generally the place where greener, more fuel-efficient models and technology are unveiled. Michigan Cadillac dealers will be happy to know the all new XTS delivers all the luxury Cadillac buyers expect with a smaller, more fuel-efficient engine from a vehicle that is larger than the CTS.
"The Cadillac XTS represents a new formula for luxury, driven by advanced technology," said Don Butler, vice president of Cadillac Marketing, in a GM press release. "XTS showcases the evolution of our Art & Science philosophy, merging the best technical ideas with the continued refinement of Cadillac design."
The XTS is being named by both Cadillac and the attending media at the L.A. Auto Show as the most technologically advanced production car in Cadillac's 109-year history. What customers will be asking Michigan Cadillac dealers about the most is the new CUE infotainment system. CUE stands for Cadillac User Experience and features a standard 8-inch touch screen. Other industry-first features include "capacitive-touch control with proximity sensing, gesture recognition and natural voice recognition."
CUE also allows people to connect up to 10 devices and offers four USB connectors. When multiple devices are plugged in, CUE will search for media files and add them to the system, enabling passengers and the driver to combine their music playlists.
Other features and highlights are:
·         Folding rear-seat headrests to improve rear visibility
·         Magnetic ride control
·         Intervening braking system to reduce the risk of potential collisions
·         18 cubic feet of trunk space
·         Four more inches of rear legroom than the BMW 5 Series, Mercedes-Benz E-Class, and two more inches than the Audi A6.
Michigan Cadillac dealers will also appreciate lane departure warning, forward collision alert, side blind zone alert and more. The 2013 Cadillac XTS will arrive at showrooms next year and MI Auto Times will continue to provide updates about this model as they become available.
MI Auto Times will continue to announce the latest holiday sales event information as it becomes available on our website http://www.miautotimes.com
Send your news tips to news@miautotimes.com or connect with us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/MichiganAutoTimes .

Michigan Lincoln Dealers See Little Design Growth: Stiff Competition May Await

Posted about 15 hours ago by MI Auto Times to MI Auto Times

The Los Angeles Auto Show has brought the unveiling of two Lincoln models, but what the press continues to write about is if Lincoln has what it takes to survive.
DETROIT - Michigan Lincoln dealers definitely have their challenges in front of them. Many dealers who were not shut down by Mercury's demise now face expensive renovations to save their businesses.
[Rewind: Michigan Lincoln Dealers Expected to Renovate or Give Back Franchise to Ford; $1 Million Ultimatum]
The Los Angeles Times reports, "At the start of this year, Lincoln had 500 dealers in the top 130 markets nationwide. It will have eliminated 175 by the end of this year."
If Michigan Lincoln dealers can survive all of this, they now need Ford to deliver new luxury vehicles to compete with premium brands like BMW, Cadillac and Audi. According to the Detroit Press, a brand new take on the MKZ and MKX and the addition of a new compact model are hoped to reinvigorate the brand.
At the L.A. Auto Show, Lincoln revealed the 2013 MKS and MKT, which both have received lightweight makeovers. During the presentation, Ford's Group Vice President of Global Product Development Derek Kuzack stepped onstage after a short video. "As you saw from the video, we've been quietly yet aggressively working behind the scenes on Lincoln," Kuzack said. "Our vision for Lincoln is simple: world-class luxury vehicles and an exceptional consumer experience to match."
Some of the features mentioned by Kuzak and later by Max Wolff, Lincoln's Design Director, included a new grille, front faschia and wheels for the MKT, and new exterior surfaces, a lowered front end, a refined grille and new instrument panel for the MKS.
It remains to be seen if these minor updates will be enough to put Lincoln back on the map, so Michigan Lincoln dealers may have to wait for the even bigger unveiling in January at the Detroit Auto Show.
MI Auto Times covers all Michigan automotive news all the time, featuring newly released vehicle recall information, relevant Michigan automaker news, vehicle ratings and comparisons, and everything else auto-related Michigan and world readers need to know.
Got a hot tip? Send your news tips to news@miautotimes.com or connect with us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/MichiganAutoTimes .
[Source(s): Detroit Free Press, Los Angeles Times, Autoblog.com]

Michigan Buick Dealers Learn Buick Making Times Square Technology Debut

Posted about 15 hours ago by MI Auto Times to MI Auto Times

The holidays are upon us, and Michigan Buick dealers may be curious about Buick's latest tech-filled move to bring consumers the latest in advancements shopping experience at the largest WIRED Store in Times Square.
NEW YORK - Michigan Buick dealers are already talking about the technological advancements of the new eAssist technology that's standard in the 2012 Buick LaCrosse, optional in the 2012 Buick Regal, and now Buick is bringing even more technology to Times Square in New York.
According to a recent General Motors press release, Buick is delivering the "largest WIRED Store ever to Times Square this holiday season." Though New York City is miles away from Michigan Buick dealers, the brand awareness that this partnering will bring to the Buick brand will help put their vehicles in the public eye.
[Rewind: Michigan Buick Dealers Learn Buick LaCrosse Delivers Higher Fuel Efficiency than Competitors]
The WIRED Store tech showcase features 200 or so of the latest in consumer gizmos, gadgets, in addition to extraordinary technology setups like a Buick Human Wind Tunnel. Visitors to the WIRED Store can step inside this tunnel display and see how "aerodynamic" they are on an in-store leader board. There "Wind Tunnel Face" will be posted on Buick's Facebook page.
"Buick will offer WIRED Store visitors an entertaining and engaging way to discover the new LaCrosse and learn about its fuel-saving technologies," said Craig Bierley, director, Buick Advertising and Promotions. "The Human Wind Tunnel and LaCrosse eAssist interactive display truly demonstrate what the WIRED Store is all about - they bring technology to life."
Michigan Buick dealers should know the 2012 Buick LaCrosse with eAssist will be on display at the WIRED Store located at the corner of 42nd Street and Broadway. Tablet devices will be made available for consumers to use and learn more about the mild hybrid technology of the Buick LaCrosse. The devices are preloaded with the Aurasma app, which allows consumers to instantly watch information about the vehicle just by positioning the vehicle on the screen with the tablet's built-in rear facing camera. Once this happens, the app will then bring up videos and information about the LaCrosse automatically. There's no website to type in, only holding a device up to the vehicle much like how QR codes work. Buick is the first American automaker to use this app.
The Buick LaCrosse with eAssist earns up to 25 mpg city and 37 mpg highway using fuel-saving technology like regenerative braking and an electric motor. It's presenting stiff competition for vehicles such as the Acura TL, Lincoln MKZ Hybrid and Lexus HS Hybrid.
MI Auto Times covers all Michigan automotive news all the time, featuring newly released vehicle recall information, relevant Michigan automaker news, vehicle ratings and comparisons, and everything else auto-related Michigan and world readers need to know.
Got a hot tip? Send your news tips to news@miautotimes.com or connect with us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/MichiganAutoTimes .
[Source(s): General Motors, PR Newswire, Aurasma.com]

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Daily Posterous Spaces Update

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Your Daily Posterous Spaces Update November 25th, 2011

Tipping Teacup

Posted about 23 hours ago by clementine to ReflectionOf.Me

Fairy Dust Salt And Pepper Shakers

Posted about 23 hours ago by clementine to ReflectionOf.Me

Sprinkle a little magic on modern salads, etc., with these salt and pepper wands. 


Posted about 23 hours ago by clementine to ReflectionOf.Me

What's your mind?

Posted about 23 hours ago by clementine to ReflectionOf.Me



Posted about 23 hours ago by clementine to ReflectionOf.Me



Posted about 22 hours ago by clementine to ReflectionOf.Me


We're getting old

Posted about 22 hours ago by clementine to ReflectionOf.Me


Owl Loves Its Head Scratched

Posted about 22 hours ago by clementine to ReflectionOf.Me

Who knew that owls enjoyed getting scratched on the head as much as any cat? This barred eagle owl, which looks more like a Furby than a living thing, coos and closes its eyes in contentment when someone touches its head, and then grimaces unhappily as soon as the hand leaves.

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Moses Bridge

Posted about 22 hours ago by clementine to ReflectionOf.Me

Creative pedestrian bridge near Fort de Roovere in the Netherlands divides the water like Moses and allows people to safely cross to the other side.

See the full gallery on Posterous

Awwwwwre You Kidding Me

Posted about 22 hours ago by clementine to ReflectionOf.Me

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(AEZS, AMWD, GMAN, CHKE) Stock under Consideration by CRWEWallStreet.com

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Aeterna Zentaris is a late-stage oncology drug development company currently investigating potential treatments for various cancers including colorectal, multiple myeloma, endometrial, ovarian, prostate and bladder cancer. The Company's innovative approach of "personalized medicine" means tailoring treatments to a patient's specific condition and to unmet medical needs. Aeterna Zentaris' deep pipeline is drawn from its proprietary discovery unit providing the Company with constant and long-term access to state-of-the-art therapeutic options.

Read full article at: http://crwewallstreet.com/22160/stock-alerts/aezs-amwd-gman-chke-stock-under-consideration-by-crwewallstreetcom/
Disclaimer: Never invest in any stock featured on our site or emails unless you can afford to lose your entire investment. CRWEWallStreet publisher and its affiliates and contractors are not registered investment advisers or broker/dealers. Our disclaimer is to be read and fully understood before using our site, reading our newsletter or joining our email list. Release of Liability: Through use of this website viewing or using, you agree to hold CRWEWallStreet.com report and Crown Equity Holdings Inc. CRWE, its operators, shareholders, employees and/or contractors harmless and to completely release them from any and all liability due to any and all loss (monetary or otherwise), damages (monetary or otherwise) that you may occur.(Read more at http://crwewallstreet.com/disclaimer) Rule 17B requires disclosure of payment for investor relations. Crown Equity Holdings Inc. (CRWE.OB) is a media-advertisement and newswire company. Crown Equity Holdings Inc. (CRWE.OB), in some cases, provides media advertising and public awareness for both public and private companies, as well as disseminating news. As such, in some cases, when Crown Equity Holdings Inc. (CRWE.OB) advertises for a particular client, Crown Equity Holdings Inc. (CRWE.OB) charges an advertising fee which it must disclose under 17B. The fee may be in cash, in free trading stock or in restricted stock. Crown Equity Holdings Inc. (CRWE.OB), if paid in stock, can and may sell those securities during the advertising period.

"Competitive Shopper" Pepper Sprays Fellow Black Friday Shoppers At California Walmart

Posted about 2 hours ago by joelpomales to joelpomales's posterous

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Fw: December 2011 Update: First, Let's Fire All the Managers

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Subject: December 2011 Update: First, Let's Fire All the Managers

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First, Let's Fire All the Managers

By Gary Hamel

Is it possible to create an organization that combines the discipline of a corporate hierarchy and the flexibility of market-centrism-without bosses, titles, or promotions? Morning Star, a global leader in food processing, proves that
it is.

Read the full article »


The Future of Shopping

By Darrell Rigby

If traditional firms hope to survive, they must embrace omnichannel retailing-an approach that melds the advantages
of physical stores with the information-rich experience of
online shopping.

Retail Isn't Broken. Stores Are

An interview with Ron Johnson

The new head of J.C. Penney on his plans to re-imagine everything.

Know What Your Customers Want Before They Do

By Thomas H. Davenport, Leandro Dalle Mule, and John Lucker

Advances in IT, data gathering, and analytics make it possible to create highly customized offers-sometimes in milliseconds.


The Power of Collective Ambition

By Douglas A. Ready and Emily Truelove

Articulating the seven elements of collective ambition can give employees a better sense of a company's purpose and how they can contribute to it.

Who Really Makes the Big Decisions in Your Company?

By Bob Frisch

The CEO, of course, often along with an unnamed group of advisers. That's a good thing, as long as the CEO constructs the group's role.

Don't Let Your Supply Chain Control Your Business

By Thomas Choi and Tom Linton

By delegating too much responsibility for managing their supply chains to their top-tier suppliers, manufacturers are putting themselves at risk.

How I Did It: HSN's CEO on Fixing the Shopping Network's Culture

By Mindy Grossman

After seven CEOs in ten years, Home Shopping Network needed a total makeover.

The Globe: The Ordinary Heroes of the Taj

By Rohit Deshpandé and Anjali Raina

The valor displayed by employees of the Taj Mumbai hotel in the face of a 2008 terrorist attack was not merely a crisis response. It was a manifestation of deep-rooted HR practices that other companies can adopt.

Managing Yourself: Get Ready for Your Next Assignment

By Katie Smith Milway, Ann Goggins Gregory,
Jenny Davis-Peccoud, and Kathleen Yazbak

Insiders who move up have an advantage over external hires. Here's how to capitalize on it.

Life's Work: Kenneth Cole

On merging work, home, and community



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When Rivals Merge, Think Before You Follow Suit

Connecting Flights: The Time Sink That Kills Profits

Early Prototypes Can Hurt A Team's Creativity

Your Use Of Pronouns Reveals Your Personality

The Charts That Changed the World


Rosabeth Moss Kanter on Courage in the C-Suite

Sohrab Vossoughi on Is The Social Sector Thinking Small Enough?


Manage Your Human Sigma

Decision to Trust

Customer Value Propositions in Business Markets


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Fw: Digest of the Beyond Teaching posts for teachers

- AB
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From: BeyondTeaching Support <teachers@beyondteaching.com>

Here's a digest of the latest posts at your own exclusive teacher portal, www.BeyondTeaching.com:
Interactive whiteboard for less than Rs. 3,000!
We are sure you would have heard of all the commercial whiteboards available in the market that sell upwards of Rs. 50,000 each. Most of the schools and colleges who could afford them have probably purchased them already, or are in the process of purchasing them. For an educational institution, this is a very high investment considering that the number of whiteboards needed may be in double digits!
Online forum to solve problems of parents and principals
Parents often hold principals responsible for every decision of the school. Fee hike, corporal punishment or homework overload- Principals are supposed to be the culprits. Principals face the challenge to strike a balance between student interests and management needs. They have tough issues of their own and often nobody to help them resolve their problems. Now a group of Principals and psychiatrists have become active on an online forum where matters troubling them, as well as parents and students, are discussed.
How do you motivate a rural teacher to join and then continue?
In the meeting with the Principals at Nagpur, one particular "social" challenge by a Principal in a rural area got me stumped! How does she get teachers for her school and once she gets someone, how does she motivate them to perform? In the same breath she also confessed that it was not possible for the school to pay out very high salaries to the teachers, as the funds generated from student fees could barely be sufficient.
Footprint for higher education
With the world’s second largest population, more than 50% of which is below the age of 35 years, India is at a critical juncture where its population, if properly harnessed, has the potential to turn the nation into a hub of trained manpower.
Solar harvest
Stephen Sweeney informs about a new space platform that will capture solar energy and use lasers to beam it back to earth. A team from the University of Surrey, led by Stephen Sweeney, professor of physics and head of photonics, is working in partnership with a space technology organisation, EADS-Astrium to create a space platform that uses lasers to beam solar energy back to the earth.
Teaching and learning in government schools
A study on teaching and learning in government schools was conducted by ASER Centre in collaboration with MHRD, Unicef and Unesco, across five states.There were some very significant findings...
Using internet tools to make science learning fun
BT had recommended its members to get on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook to learn new things. Proving BT correct an NGO -Science Popularisation Association of Communicators and Educators (SPACE) is training over 300 teachers to use theses social networking sites to make science more easy to communicate and interesting .
Indian Students at NASA
Nearly 60 students from Himachal Pradesh get an opportunity to visit NASA next month. They will get to know about the world of space sciences, robotics and nuances involved in designing of space shuttle. Children also get a chance to visit Florida based Kennedy Research Centre, which is also a unit of NASA. They are scheduled to visit Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory also. Not only this, they also get to visit Hollywood Studios, Orlando, New York. A real opprtunity in true sense!
"I want to be an Astronaut"
Today morning, I got this twitter update from @NASA: "Less than 5 minutes until launch of three new space station crew members at 11:14pmET. Watch at http://www.nasa.gov/ntv" and I immediately clicked on the link to watch LIVE the successful launch of Expedition 29 in heavy snow to the International Space Station from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan at India Time around 9 am!
While watching live launch on this Children's Day, I could imagine how happy Nehru would have been, if some of his beloved children dreaming of becoming an astronaut could have seen this launch in their schools! In today's world, it is fairly simple for teachers to beam events like these into their classrooms. For a child, nothing can be more motivating than watching the three space travellers LIVE in her class! The dreamy words "I want to be an astronaut" take an entirely new meaning, and give a sense of direction to the child.
Tips for using Social Networking to get your dream job!
An article by Priya Kapoor in The Economic Times throws some light on the way people are using social networking sites to get jobs. According to the Kelly Global Workforce Index 2011, which covered 97,000 people across 30 countries and 2,000 people in India, about 35% of the respondents in the country scoured social networking sites to seek job openings.
Some tips from the article on how to use these sites more effectively:
o Join specific interest groups that show your interests and specializations
o Keep an active profile by discussing and posting relevant stuff
o Get some good recommendations
o Be careful about what you do online!
World Bank aid to Madhya Pradesh for improving higher education
MP seems to have caught the World Bank’s attention to improve its higher education. The Rs. 350 cr assistance will be used in skills development. BT had reported a severe shortage in skilled manpower and this seems to be another step in the right direction. Teachers can take up a major role in making this change.
Read full stories of the above updates on your site, www.BeyondTeaching.com. Your fellow teachers want you in the discussions. Please do login and share your views on these teaching-related matters.
Warm regards,
Teachers @ Beyond Teaching

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Right-to-know laws often ignored

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AP Impact: Right-to-know laws often ignored

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Fw: Your Daily Posterous Spaces Update

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Subject: Your Daily Posterous Spaces Update

Your Daily Posterous Spaces Update November 16th, 2011

How to hide your Wifi from Google's location database

Posted 1 day ago by joelpomales to joelpomales's posterous

How to hide your Wifi from Google's location database
via Android Central - Android Forums, News, and Help by Phil Nickinson on 11/15/11

This one's a tad off the beaten Android path but is something you should know about. You might well have heard that Google, in an effort to speed up a number of things involving location, has built a database of Wifi access points. The idea, of course, is that if your phone is in range of one or more APs, it'll have a pretty good idea of where you are, thus speeding location services.
The flip side is that it's not just public access points that have been cataloged. Your home Wifi might well be recognized, too (and Google's gotten in a little bit of hot water for accidentally collecting more data than it should have).
But you can now opt out of having your Wifi included in Google's database. To do so is simple enough. Just change your SSID (that's the name of your hotspot) and add _nomap to the end of it. (See our example above.) Takes about 30 seconds to do, though you'll have to reconnect your phones and what not.
Google's hoping that other location providers will also start to use the _nomap string, and it's got some helpful instructions, should you need a hand with your router.
Source: Google

Windows 8 gets automatic updates, enforced restarts after 72 hours of polite...

Posted 1 day ago by joelpomales to joelpomales's posterous

Windows 8 gets automatic updates, enforced restarts after 72 hours of polite harassment
via Engadget by Daniel Cooper on 11/15/11

Windows 8 is renaming the second week of every month. After "Patch Tuesday" comes "Gentle reminder Wednesday," "Polite yet firm suggestion Thursday" and "Automatic restart Friday". In order to keep everyone's system secure, Windows Update will download patches in the background before adding a notification on your lock screen that you're due a restart. If you haven't managed it within 72 hours, you'll be given a 15 minute warning to save your work and close up before it forces the shutdown -- unless you're watching a movie or conducting a presentation, it'll lie in wait for your next idle period to do it. With this system, you'll only have to complete the procedure once a month and can plan your schedule accordingly. The only time the system will deviate is when a security threat like a blaster worm appears, at which point Microsoft will ensure you're restarting as soon as a fix is available. What, you didn't know that "keeping end-users on their toes" was a feature?
Windows 8 gets automatic updates, enforced restarts after 72 hours of polite harassment originally appeared on Engadget on Tue, 15 Nov 2011 11:33:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds .

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Viacom: Pass SOPA Or Spongebob Dies

Posted 1 day ago by joelpomales to joelpomales's posterous

Viacom: Pass SOPA Or Spongebob Dies
via Techdirt by Mike Masnick on 11/15/11
It's the most unintentionally hilarious video of the year... Viacom has put out one of the most ridiculous "anti-piracy" propaganda videos yet , complete with debunked stats, ridiculous claims, ominous music... and lots and lots of Viacom employees admitting that they're too clueless to adapt to a changing marketplace, and begging you to give them money so they can keep their jobs. Seriously. As the video goes on, the claims get more and more ridiculous, to the point where someone even threatens that if you don't keep buying Viacom products, Spongebob might no longer exist. And, really, that's the hilarious part. So much of the video is just people begging others to save them. They beg people to give them money. They beg the government to save their jobs. Nowhere, however, do they talk about actually adapting. Nowhere do they talk about making use of what the internet provides to build bigger audiences, to promote better, and to better monetize. Because that's the kind of stuff that Viacom just doesn't do. It just begs others to cover up for its own business failures.
Remember, this is the same company where the CEO made $84.5 million last year (a $50 million raise). I'd embed the video here, but remember that Viacom is trying to sue YouTube out of existence, so they didn't put it up on YouTube... in fact, they didn't put it up in a manner that lets you embed it anywhere. So you'll just have to go to Viacom's website and watch the video directly there yourself... costing Viacom's bandwidth. They could have gotten that bandwidth for free if they'd just posted the video to YouTube... but, as we're told in the video, "free" is "stealing." And it destroys jobs. Except for Viacom's CEO. He's doing okay.
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VP Joe Biden Explains Why SOPA & PROTECT IP Are Anti-American & A Bad Idea

Posted about 24 hours ago by joelpomales to joelpomales's posterous

VP Joe Biden Explains Why SOPA & PROTECT IP Are Anti-American & A Bad Idea
via Techdirt by Mike Masnick on 11/15/11
A couple of weeks ago, Joe Biden gave a perfect, if unintended, explanation for why SOPA and PROTECT IP are such terrible ideas. Since his speech included a bunch of other things, we thought it would be good to highlight Biden's specific arguments that explain why SOPA and PROTECT IP are bad, and to give him kudos for making such statements, since they contradict the statements from Hollywood on this bill. Embedded media -- click here to see it. Unfortunately, even with Biden's clear and incontestable statements that show the massive harm that SOPA and PROTECT IP would cause for innovation in the US, this bill still has tremendous momentum in DC, thanks to a strong lobbying push from the legacy entertainment industry. In fact, don't be surprised if Biden totally contradicts himself in a few weeks and pretends that he's all for censoring the internet, harming innovation, and "fixing" what isn't broken on the internet. That's why we're urging folks to support American Censorship Day tomorrow, as the House holds its first hearings ever on how best to censor the internet. Biden's clear explanation of why SOPA & PROTECT IP are so bad should give pause to anyone supporting it -- and will certainly raise serious eyebrows if/when Biden (and the White House) later change positions on these bills. Oh, and if Biden does change positions, let's hold him to it, and make it clear that the American public doesn't appreciate flip flopping politicians, who completely contradict themselves, based on who's supporting what legislation.
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New Malware Signed With Stolen Government Certificate

Posted about 21 hours ago by joelpomales to joelpomales's posterous

New Malware Signed With Stolen Government Certificate
via Slashdot by samzenpus on 11/15/11
Trailrunner7 writes "Security researchers claim that malware spreading via malicious PDF files is signed with a valid certificate stolen from the Government of Malaysia, in just the latest evidence that scammers are using gaps in the security of digital certificates to help spread malicious code. The malware, identified by F-Secure as a Trojan horse program dubbed Agent.DTIW, was detected in a signed Adobe PDF file by the company's virus researchers recently. The malicious PDF was signed using a valid digital certificate for mardi.gov.my, the Agricultural Research and Development Institute of the Government of Malaysia. According to F-Secure, the Government of Malaysia confirmed that the certificate was legitimate and had been stolen 'quite some time ago.'"

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

SOPA And Its Broad Regulation Of VPNs, Proxies And Other Important Tools

Posted about 19 hours ago by joelpomales to joelpomales's posterous

SOPA And Its Broad Regulation Of VPNs, Proxies And Other Important Tools
via Techdirt by Mike Masnick on 11/15/11
There are so many scary parts to SOPA, it's taking some time to pull out all the pieces. One of the scarier parts of SOPA that isn't found in PROTECT IP, is the addition of a form of an "anti-circumvention" rule, which makes it illegal to try to get around any blockade on the US government's blacklist. Like the DMCA's dreadful anti-circumvention clause, this one is also vague and overly broad -- and would create problems for all sorts of legal services. The EFF is listing out some perfectly legal services that would suddenly be in legal crosshairs : In this new bill, Hollywood has expanded its censorship ambitions. No longer content to just blacklist entries in the Domain Name System , this version targets software developers and distributors as well. It allows the Attorney General (doing Hollywood or trademark holders' bidding) to go after more or less anyone who provides or offers a product or service that could be used to get around DNS blacklisting orders. This language is clearly aimed at Mozilla , which took a principled stand in refusing to assist the Department of Homeland Security's efforts to censor the domain name system, but we are also concerned that it could affect the open source community, internet innovation, and software freedom more broadly:
* Do you write or distribute VPN, proxy, privacy or anonymization software? You might have to build in a censorship mechanism - or find yourself in a legal fight with the United States Attorney General.
* Even some of the most fundamental and widely used Internet security software, such as SSH , includes built-in proxy functionality . This kind of software is installed on hundreds of millions of computers, and is an indispensable tool for systems administration professionals, but it could easily become a target for censorship orders under the new bill.
* Do you work with or distribute zone files for gTLDs ? Want to keep them accurate?  Too bad - Hollywood might argue that if you provide a complete (i.e., uncensored) list, you are illegally helping people bypass SOPA orders. 
* Want to write a client-side DNSSEC resolver that uses multiple servers until it finds a valid signed entry? Again, you could be in a fight with the U.S. Attorney General.
This is how the Great Firewall of China works as well -- by threatening service providers who don't help block with the idea that they might be liable if they don't figure out "some way" to block things. Then everyone scrambles to censor well beyond what is required under the law, just to avoid liability. The end result of this will make the internet significantly less secure. VPN providers will go out of business or be severely limited. This is exactly the opposite of the direction we should be moving in.
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Do Tons Of Sprint And Verizon Phones Contain A Rootkit, Potentially Tracking...

Posted about 19 hours ago by joelpomales to joelpomales's posterous

Do Tons Of Sprint And Verizon Phones Contain A Rootkit, Potentially Tracking All Sorts Of Info?
via Techdirt by Mike Masnick on 11/15/11
Security researcher Trevor Eckhart has put out a report suggesting that a ton of Sprint and Verizon Wireless mobile phones have what is effectively a rootkit installed on them. Specifically, he's talking about CarrierIQ, a bit of software intended to monitor device usage, supposedly for the purpose of understanding problems that a user might be having and helping to troubleshoot remotely. The description of the software seems mostly innocuous: Carrier IQ is used to understand what problems customers are having with our network or devices so we can take action to improve service quality.
It collects enough information to understand the customer experience with devices on our network and how to devise solutions to use and connection problems. We do not and cannot look at the contents of messages, photos, videos, etc., using this tool However, in digging into the details of the software, Eckhart realized that it can easily track all sorts of info, including what websites people are visiting and what keypresses they make. The software can also surreptitiously report where the phone is located. He further notes that the software is purposely hidden on a bunch of devices, and on many it appears that you simply can't turn it off.
Now, I don't think anyone is suggesting anything nefarious here. There are reasons why operators like to collect this kind of data and, in the aggregate, it seems useful. But, as Eckhart looked in more detail at training materials for the software, he realized it could easily be used to track at a much more granular level, down to individuals. The potential for abuse seems pretty high. Again, it's obvious why this software is installed, but it raises questions about what carriers are doing to make sure the software isn't being abused. It's also somewhat troubling that the carriers aren't all that straightforward about how this software is monitoring their users...
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SOPA Hearings Stacked In Favor of Pro-SOPA Lobby #stopSOPA

Posted about 5 hours ago by joelpomales to joelpomales's posterous

SOPA Hearings Stacked In Favor of Pro-SOPA Lobby
via Slashdot by Unknown Lamer on 11/16/11
Adrian Lopez writes "Techdirt reports that 'apparently, the folks behind SOPA are really scared to hear from the opposition. We all expected that the Judiciary Committee hearings wouldn't be a fair fight. In Congress, they rarely are fair fights. But most people expected the typical "three in favor, one against" weighted hearings. That's already childish, but it seems that the Judiciary Committee has decided to take the ridiculousness to new heights. We'd already mentioned last week that the Committee had rejected the request of NetCoalition to take part in the hearings. At the time, we'd heard that the hearings were going to be stacked four-to-one in favor of SOPA. However, the latest report coming out of the Committee is that they're so afraid to actually hear about the real opposition that they've lined up five pro-SOPA speakers and only one "against."' Demand Progress is running an online petition against such lopsided representation."

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

#stopSOPA A Look @ The Testimony Given @ Today's SOPA Lovefest Congressional...

Posted about 4 hours ago by joelpomales to joelpomales's posterous

A Look At The Testimony Given At Today's SOPA Lovefest Congressional Hearings... With A Surprise From MasterCard
via Techdirt by Mike Masnick on 11/16/11
We already know that today's SOPA hearings for the House Judiciary Committee are totally stacked in favor of the bill. But with the hearings getting underway, we wanted to dive in and look at what's about to be said. Most of the testimony leaked out yesterday, allowing us to spend some time going through it -- it's all embedded below. However, here's a taste of what's going to be said... with some additional commentary (of course).
First up, the most troubling of all: Maria Pallante, the Register of Copyrights (aka, Head of the US Copyright Office). She should be here to defend the public and to make sure that massive regulatory capture by a couple of stagnant industries doesn't happen. But, that's not how the Copyright Office rolls. Instead, her testimony is basically the US Chamber of Commerce's key talking points (perhaps not a surprise, since the main lobbyist at the US Chamber who's in charge of shepherding this bill into law only recently worked at the US Copyright Office ). If you had hoped for some reasoned argument about pushing back on the massive excesses of SOPA and the broad definitions, you're not going to get it from Pallante. It is my view that if Congress does not continue to provide serious responses to online piracy, the U.S. copyright system will ultimately fail. The premise of copyright law is that the author of a creative work owns and can license to others certain exclusive rights - a premise that has served the nation well since 1790. Congress has repeatedly acted to improve enforcement provisions in copyright law over the years, including in the online environment. SOPA is the next step in ensuring that our law keeps pace with infringers....
The response provided by SOPA is serious and comprehensive. It requires all key members of the online ecosystem, including service providers, search engines, payment processors, and advertising networks, to play a role in protecting copyright interests - an approach I endorse. Combating online infringement requires focus and commitment. It should be obvious that we cannot have intermediaries working at cross-purposes. In other words, the successful tech industry should be hindered and shackled because my friends in Hollywood are too clueless to adjust their business models. Really? SOPA is also measured. It appropriately provides much broader tools and flexibility to the Attorney General than it provides to copyright owners. This is a sound policy choice at this time. The Department of Justice has experience fighting online infringers, will use resources carefully, must exercise prosecutorial discretion in bringing actions, and must plead its case to the court and obtain a court-issued order before proceeding. Put another way, while the copyright industries are extremely important (and certainly a point of pride with respect to the U.S. economy), SOPA recognizes that many sectors rely on, invest in, and contribute to the success of the Internet. Almost none of that is accurate. It is not measured. It is vague, broad and dangerous. The Justice Department's "experience" going after infringers has been to take down websites with no notice based on false info from copyright holders... and then to threaten those who seek to appeal with criminal charges. This is not "using resources carefully," it's government sponsored censorship. It is for this reason that SOPA puts only limited tools in the hands of copyright owners, and provides the Attorney General with the sole authority to seek orders against search engines and Internet service providers. This is not to say that we should not continue to assess Internet piracy and the impact of SOPA or whether additional measures or adjustments may be needed. Indeed, SOPA assigns ongoing studies to the Copyright Office and the Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator for these very purposes. But I do think SOPA provides the right calibration at this time. First off, the "limited tools" include the ability to completely cut off funding to any website based solely on accusations. Perhaps I learned a different language from Pallante, but that's hardly "limited."
Furthermore, how the hell can she say that this is "the right calibration," when even she admits this issue has not been studied yet? The bill is completely "shoot first, measure later," with no details on how it's effectiveness -- or harmfulness -- will be measured. As with any legislation, SOPA deserves and can only benefit from a robust discussion. As the Committee works to further improve and refine the bill, I know it will fully consider a variety of perspectives and suggestions, including from my fellow witnesses. This said, I believe that Congress has a responsibility to protect the exclusive rights of copyright owners, and I urge the Committee to move forward with this in mind. Yes, a robust discussion that leaves out nearly everyone opposed to the bill, and only allows a single party -- one easily dismissed -- to speak about concerns on the bill. A robust discussion that leaves out public interest groups, despite Copyright's entire purpose being for the benefit of the public. This is a shameful bit of testimony from the Head of the Copyright Office, and one that guarantees her a tarnished legacy in her role.
From there, she goes on to defend the US blacklist of sites the Attorney General decides are dedicated to infringement by (1) repeating the US Chamber's debunked talking points, (2) praising ICE's highly questionable domain seizures, which are currently being litigated (a fact she conveniently ignores) and (3) quoting (of course) Floyd Abrams, leaving out that he was paid by the MPAA to give that opinion. Even worse, she quotes the really questionable part of his claim: It also bears repeating that injunctions are not at odds with the First Amendment. As noted First Amendment scholar Floyd Abrams has observed, they are "a longstanding, constitutionally sanctioned way to remedy and prevent copyright violations." This is true, but highly misleading. Injunctions are allowed against those infringing. But that's not what SOPA is about. SOPA is about issuing injunctions on innocent third parties. That's what we're concerned about. And for Pallante to ignore that point is really unfortunate.
She then goes on to defend the private right of action to kill off websites based on a single accusation. She claims, laughably, that because the private right of action only leads to injunctions, rather than monetary rewards, there's little incentive to abuse. Wait. Is Ms. Pallante totally ignorant of the past decade plus of the DMCA? The DMCA takedown process also is basically about blocking content and not about monetary relief, and yet it's widely abused, with some estimates suggesting that over 30% of DMCA takedowns are questionable. The problem with SOPA (totally ignored again) is that unlike the DMCA -- which targets the specific content -- SOPA will kill off entire sites.
Even more stunning: rather than suggesting that such abuses may come from copyright holders sending bogus takedowns, she worries instead that payment processors and ad networks may ignore such takedowns -- and hints that if anything, the bill may need refinement on that front. Whoa. It's like an alternative universe where everything is mirrored. Again, we know what happens. We have the less draconian DMCA already and see how widely it's abused. And we see that those who receive takedowns generally abide by them.
Speaking of the DMCA, she pretends -- totally against the text of the actual bill -- that nothing in SOPA will impact the DMCA. This is hilarious. Why would anyone use the DMCA to take down a specific piece of content when they can now kill off an entire site using SOPA? Amusingly, she points to the fact that payment providers and ad networks face no monetary liability under SOPA... but ignores that just two paragraphs above, she was hinting that perhaps the law should be changed to include such liability to make sure they comply. This is the ultimate in cynical, obnoxious politics. Put in that one clause that makes you able to pretend something is reasonable (no monetary punishment!) and then be ready to remove that the second the bill is in place.
Finally, she talks about how "pleased" she is that SOPA turns streaming into a felony. Apparently Pallante would prefer people no longer stream videos any more. Has she even used the internet? Amusingly, she cites YouTube as an example of a legal source for streaming... ignoring the fact that under SOPA, YouTube likely wouldn't have even existed. It's as if she doesn't even understand the bill she's supporting and what it will do to the technology world.
And people wonder why so many Americans think copyright law is a joke? Perhaps they should look at the Copyright boss.
Next, we've got MPAA VP Michael O'Leary. His testimony is really worthy of having been written in Hollywood, seeing as it kicks off with a tearjerker of a story about the poor, poor stunt coordinator, "who depends on the residual payments he earns to help support his wife and three children between productions." Of course, the rest of the world doesn't get to sit back and get a check for work they did in the past, but actually has to keep working to support their families. Of course, how much do random key grips, stunt coordinators and boom mic operators (the favorites for these multi-millionaires to exploit in this kind of way) really make from residuals? It's a lot less than these kinds of testimonies suggest.
O'Leary continues to pull at heart strings, by trying to rope all sorts of other businesses into the movie and TV industry including (I'm not joking) the dry cleaners that serve the cast and crew on location. Apparently, without movies, dry cleaners go out of business. Think of the poor dry cleaners!
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Turn These IKEA Lamps into Speaker Mounts to Keep Your Computer Speakers Out...

Posted about 4 hours ago by joelpomales to joelpomales's posterous

Turn These IKEA Lamps into Speaker Mounts to Keep Your Computer Speakers Out of the Way [Ikea Hacks]
via Lifehacker by Alan Henry on 11/16/11

One of the problems with keeping a good set of speakers on your desk is that they often take up a lot of otherwise usable space. This IKEA hack, on the other hand, gets your speakers up off of your desk surface so you can use the space and showers you with sound at the same time. More »

#stopSOPA Yes, SOPA Breaks The Internet: By Breaking The Belief In Trust

Posted about 2 hours ago by joelpomales to joelpomales's posterous

Yes, SOPA Breaks The Internet: By Breaking The Belief In Trust And Sharing That Is The Internet
via Techdirt by Mike Masnick on 11/16/11
Venture capitalist Brad Burnham has a brilliant blog post that explains how SOPA really breaks the internet . It isn't just the technical aspects of it. SOPA is an attack on the fundamental belief system that underlies the internet, and much of what makes it successful: At a dinner earlier this week, Joi Ito, the head of the Media Lab at MIT described the Internet as a "belief system" and I suddenly understood. The Internet is not just a series of pipes. It's core architecture embeds an assumption about human nature. The Internet is designed to empower individuals not control them. It assumes that the if individuals are empowered, they will do the right thing the vast majority of the time. Services like eBay, Craigslist, Etsy and AirBnB are built on the assumption that most people are honest. Other services like Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube, Wordpress, and Soundcloud assume people will be generous with their ideas, insights and creations. Wikipedia has proven that people will share their knowledge. Companies like Kickstarter show that people will even be generous with their money. This does not mean that there are not bad people out there. All of these companies spend a lot of time and money to battle spam and fraud. The companies are simply betting that there are many more good people than bad. The architecture of the Internet shares this assumption. It could have been designed to prevent bad behavior. Instead its design empowers good behavior.
The entertainment industry does not share this view of human nature. That encapsulates the point wonderfully. And SOPA is really about suggesting that that "belief system" built on trust and sharing isn't worth keeping around. I think this is a fundamental issue that people who understand the internet fully get: that it's more than the "series of tubes" or the specific technology that holds it together. It's built on a philosophy of openness and sharing. And that is a worldview that some businesses just don't grasp. Whether you agree with me that the vast majority of people are good or with my friend that given a chance many people will steal is not really important. What is important is that PIPA, and SOPA, the legislation the content industry is currently pushing through Congress, will not allow me to architect a service and build a relationship with consumers that reflects my core beliefs about human nature. If I am a search engine and I remove sites from my index, I am essentially lying to my users. If I am a social media site and I remove links my users have posted to sites that some authority has deemed illegal, I am breaking a promise.
I am sympathetic to the content industries struggles with piracy, but my belief system tells me the answer is to capitalize on the great strengths of the Internet to create a healthy and profitable relationship with their users not to sue them. No matter how strongly I believe that, however, I do not think I have the right to tell them how to run their business. Apparently, they do not feel the same way about our businesses. The current legislation in Congress does not just create an administrative burden, it requires service providers who have built wonderful businesses on a deep conviction about human nature to change their relationship with their users in a way that subverts their core values. It really is this that's the issue at hand. The "breaking" is of this recognition of the wonderful aspects built on the fact that people really are, for the most part, good. And when you treat them as being good -- rather than treating them as criminals -- you get rewarded for it. Are there some people who take advantage? Sure. But should we break the whole system just to stop those few people, when it will hinder all the wonderful things built on trust? That, unfortunately, appears to be the position the pro-SOPA folks are taking.
My only beef with Brad's piece is that he claims "the content industry" doesn't believe in the internet of trust and sharing. I disagree with that. I am a a part of the content industry. As is Brad. The new content industry absolutely gets it. It's why it embraces these platforms, uses them to create, distribute, promote, connect and monetize. It's the old gatekeepers who don't believe in this view of the internet.
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Here are our editors' picks for this week's most noteworthy new releases. For more information, click through on a specific album or just visit the New Releases page on our site.

Featured Albums:

Childish Gambino Camp Glass Note

In the time before this wonderful album named Camp existed, the "actors who rap" proposition would have been all red flags. Brian Austin Green, Mr. T, Joaquin Phoenix, and many others are on the "cons" list, while the "pros" would have been Drake (barely counts, unless Degrassi: The Next Generation was your thing) and maybe AVN award-winner Dirt Nasty. These were the horrible odds Community star and comedy writer Donald Glover was up against when he took the Internet's Wu-Tang Name Generator to heart and became rapper Childish Gambino, but anyone who right-clicked on one of his 2010/2011 mixtapes can tell you, he beat those odds, and with Camp, indie rap fans won the Lotto.

 Underground Rap, Alternative Rap

Drake Take Care Cash Money Records

After the huge commercial and artistic success of his last album, Thank Me Later, Drake threatened/promised that his next album would be a straight-up R&B record that forsook rapping for vocals. The plan fell through but his 2011 album Take Care has the feel of a late-night R&B album, full of slow tempos, muted textures, impassioned crooning, and an introspective tone that is only rarely punctured by aggressive tracks, boasts, and/or come-ons.

 Contemporary R&B, Pop-Rap, Pop

The Who Quadrophenia [The Director's Cut] MCA

Quadrophenia has been reissued before, including a notably remixed version in 1996, but it has never been expanded. The 2011 "Director's Cut" makes up for lost time by offering two different expanded editions of the album (presented in its 1996 remix): a double-disc edition rounded out with 11 demos -- all performed solo by Pete Townshend, two of which are songs that didn't make the final cut -- and a Super Deluxe Edition that adds an early version of the album comprised entirely of Townshend demos, a DVD containing 5.1 mixes from selected songs from the album, and a host of extras highlighted by a 100-page hardcover book featuring many photos, memorabilia from Townshend's archive, lyrics, and a new, lengthy essay from Pete.

 Album Rock, Contemporary Pop/Rock, Prog-Rock, Hard Rock, Rock & Roll

Betty Wright & the Roots Betty Wright: The Movie S-Curve Records / Ms. B Recor

Betty Wright: The Movie is this Miami soul legend's first album since 2001's Fit for a King, but it's hardly a return. During Wright's decade away from making her own records, she was busy helping others -- including Kelly Clarkson, Joss Stone, Diddy, Keyshia Cole, and Lil Wayne -- as a songwriter, arranger, producer, and background vocalist. Here, she links up with the intrepid Roots crew and several supplemental session musicians, and she wrangles complementary appearances from Stone and the tremendously underappreciated Lenny Williams, as well as disruptive interjections from Lil Wayne and Snoop Dogg.

 Soul, Adult Contemporary R&B

Paul Anka Songs of December Decca
 Vocal Pop, Christmas, Holidays, Adult Contemporary

Nicola Benedetti Italia Decca
Baroque Chamber Music

Birdy Birdy Atlantic
 Alternative/Indie Rock, Alternative Singer/Songwriter

Los Campesinos! Hello Sadness Arts & Crafts
 Indie Rock, Indie Pop, Alternative/Indie Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock

Caveman CoCo Beware Original Recordings Group
 Indie Pop, Indie Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Neo-Psychedelia

Ray Charles Singular Genius: The Complete ABC Singles Concord
 Jazz Blues, Soul Jazz, Urban Blues, Piano Blues, Early R&B, Soul, Country Soul, Early Pop/Rock, AM Pop, Pop-Soul

Crystal Stilts Radiant Door Sacred Bones
 Noise Pop, Indie Pop, Neo-Psychedelia, Indie Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock

The Dø Both Ways Open Jaws Wagram
 Indie Rock, Post-Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock

Geir Draugsvoll Sofia Gubaidulina: Fachwerk; Silenzio Naxos
Contemporary Orchestral and Chamber Music

Glee Glee: The Music, The Christmas Album, Vol. 2 Epic
 Soundtracks, TV Soundtracks, Cast Recordings, Holidays

Hélène Grimaud Mozart Deutsche Grammophon
Classical Piano, Chamber and Vocal Music

Vince Guaraldi The Charlie Brown Collection Fantasy
 Crossover Jazz, TV Soundtracks, Holidays, Cool, Mainstream Jazz, Christmas, Tribute Albums, Smooth Jazz

Gym Class Heroes The Papercut Chronicles II Fueled by Ramen Records
 Alternative Rap, Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Rock

Mary Halvorson/Jessica Pavone Departure of Reason Thirsty Ear Recordings
 Structured Improvisation, Modern Composition, Free Improvisation, Avant-Garde Jazz

Korallreven An Album by Korallreven Acephale
 Indie Electronic, Indie Pop, Alternative/Indie Rock, Alternative Dance, Club/Dance

Dan Laurin The Father, the Son and the Godfather BIS
Baroque and Classical Chamber Music

Maysa Motions of Love Shanachie Records
 Adult Contemporary R&B

Odonis Odonis Hollandaze Fat Cat
 Noise Pop, Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Rock, Lo-Fi, Alternative Pop/Rock

The Olivia Tremor Control Black Foliage: Animation Music, Vol. 1 Cloud Recordings
 Alternative/Indie Rock, Experimental Rock, Neo-Psychedelia, Indie Rock, Lo-Fi, Alternative Pop/Rock

Quatuor Diotima American Music Naïve
Modern and Contemporary Chamber Music

Nobuyuki Tsujii Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition Challenge Classics
19th Century Piano Music

Original Soundtrack Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked Rhino
 Sing-Alongs, Soundtracks, Song Parody

The PreZcotts Gossip Rocket Science
 Teen Pop

Pterodactyl Spills Out Jagjaguwar
 Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock

The Puppini Sisters Hollywood Verve Forecast
 Harmony Vocal Group, Vocal Pop

R.E.M. Part Lies Part Heart Part Truth Part Garbage: 1982-2011 Warner Bros.
 American Underground, College Rock, Jangle Pop, Alternative/Indie Rock, Adult Alternative Pop/Rock, Contemporary Pop/Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock

Kieran Hebden/Steve Reid/Mats Gustafsson Live at the South Bank Smalltown Superjazzz
 Avant-Garde Jazz, Structured Improvisation, Electronica, Modal Music, Experimental

Frank Sinatra Sinatra: Best of the Best EMI
 Traditional Pop, Standards, American Popular Song, Vocal Jazz, Vocal Pop

The Steve Adamyk Band Forever Won't Wait Dirtnap Records
 Alternative/Indie Rock, Punk Revival

The Supremes More Hits by the Supremes [Limited Edition] Motown
 Uptown Soul, Girl Groups, Motown, Soul, AM Pop, Pop-Soul, Early Pop/Rock

Tegan and Sara Get Along Warner Bros.
 Adult Alternative Pop/Rock, Indie Rock, Alternative Singer/Songwriter, Alternative Folk, Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock

Various Artists Mad Decent, Vol. 1 Mad Decent
 Dubstep, Indie Electronic, Club/Dance, Left-Field Hip-Hop

Various Artists This Warm December: A Brushfire Holiday, Vol. 2 Universal Republic
 Contemporary Singer/Songwriter, Holidays

Matt Wertz Snow Globe Handwritten Records


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Digest of the Beyond Teaching posts for teachers

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Geogebra: A Great Tool for Math Teaching and Learning!

ThinkQuest Competition 2012 for school students

State sends principals back to classes to teach

Latest comments on the posts are:

Vidyamanohar Sharma commented on Student suicides soar 26% in 5 years,
education system blamed :Even the most educated parents are also no
exception for putting pressure on children on the name of  Read more

Vidyamanohar Sharma commented on Geogebra: A Great Tool for Math
Teaching and Learning! :I feel it is a very much user friendly
software. Helps Math teachers to explain the concepts,  Read more

Shabana Firdaus commented on Student suicides soar 26% in 5 years,
education system blamed :we cant blame to education system only for
increasing suice rate among students actually carrier  Read more

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Aalok Biswas's location@7:46,11/12

Aalok Biswas's location@7:46,11/12
Gurgaon, Haryana
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Facebook newsfeed post by: Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand wrote:

If men want to oppose war, it is statism that they must oppose. So long as they hold the tribal notion that the individual is sacrificial fodder for the collective, that some men have the right to rule others by force, and that some (any) alleged "good" can justify it-there can be no peace within a nation and no peace among nations. | "The Roots of War," Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal, 42
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BPO-Brain Processed and Outsourced



Dear Mr. Yukthi Gunasekara
John Keells PLC.


At first would like to congratulate you for opening up your BPO Division in Gurgaon, India.

Never in my wild dreams I thought of the situation I'm in, hence it became quintessential for me to bring it to your immediate attention.
I simply don't have words to say how I regret joining your esteemed organization, This is the n'th number of mail and not even a single respone from you people, nor or phone neither by mail.


Probably this is the last time I am writing cos, at the end, I see the "human" factor missing from your Human Resources Dept. Eventually I gave up and called your number 0124-6762015 asking for my unpaid salary and remember this is the number from which you folks called up my dad and said I am a thief and cops will come and pick me up from home. Saying beware, and blah blah!

And thanks n kudos to you guys now my Dad has suffered yet another Heart Attack.

Now this is what has created a mess in my life. Come on man, I am 36 and have seen enough of this corporate shit. And yes, I am upset. I don't have a penny now to go home cos I was a fool.

Everybody fills up his details in good faith and it's confidential also, how dare your organization misuse it and call up my Dad, now that he is Ill the loss I had is irrecoverable. This is a straight violation of Right to Privacy of the Costitution and a big time breach of Data Protection Act, 1998.

I want you guys to callup my Dad not later than 11.11.11 again and apologize, else I know my rights, and will get into legal matters.

On top of that when I call the above mentioned number you keep on passing lines from one to another. Someone of my Name said about 112c when I called last. But abuses by Pranay is simply not acceptable at all.

In short, I joined on the 7th Nov. and was asked to leave on 3rd of Nov. Not only me it was a big lot of a dozen people who were laid off and everybody was paid there dues. Except me, that is. After I resigned I was told it will take another 45 days for my salary to be released and Mr. Ankur Sood became abusive when I asked what Kind of H R policy is this.

I have given my Bank account number and almost begged for my hard earned money but it was all music to their ears.

But why me especially, any reasons?

The process for which I was hired is being taken care of by is 24-7intouch.com for the AT & T chat process. Ironically, I am also an AT&T Certified network specialist. And trust me one mail to AT&T and the process will be history.

I failed the assessment, cool, you asked me to leave, I did. But where is my Salary sir? Is that how you dream to run your co. in India? Then I am sorry to say, better wind up. Before I go ahead and sue your God damn co.

I again apologize for all the inconvinience, but you are the only silver lining behind the dark cloud. With a hope that you will respond asap I sincerely request you to intervene before any collateral damage happens.

At Last, would like to mention here, that if you Google my name only, you will get so many results which John Keells can only dream for!

In Anticipation,

Sincere Regards,

Aalok K Biswas
Emp I D: ACL 03362
Buzz: 91-9716713101

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Facebook newsfeed link by: Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand shared the following link and had this to say about it:

Yaron Brook, president and executive director of the Ayn Rand Center for Individual Rights, recently gave an excellent talk at the Foundation for Economic Education. Check it out. And be sure to leave a comment and share the video with your friends.


On November 5, 2011 Yaron Brook, President & Executive Director of the Ayn Rand Center for Individual Rights, spoke at Evening At FE...
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